In the 1980s and 1990s the Anglican Guild of Scholars had regular meetings at Holyrood Seminary, then in Liberty, New York.  One year brought memorable readings by Cleanth Brooks from New Haven and Marion Montgomery from the University of Georgia.  In other years we had papers from three theologians from Saint Vladimir’s Seminary in Crestwood, NY, and from Peter van Inwagen, a notable philosopher then at Syracuse.  In reviewing some of the old files recently I found this delightful letter from Andrew Lytle.  Mr. Lytle didn’t come to New York, but I enjoyed meeting him on other occasions at the Montgomerys’ in Crawford, Georgia.  ‘Mr Cunningham’ was the late Professor John Cunningham, then of Hollins College and the Convenor of the AGS.


Monteagle, Tenn., 37356

May 16, 1986

Dear Mr. Cunningham:

Cleanth Brooks has passed on to me your invitation to speak to your gathering in New York, is it Libertyville?

I am flattered that you would like that, and I would like to.  You may know that Father Ralston and I wrote the first letter of protest concerning the attack on the only Prayer Book.  In worship you can’t have choices.  Sometimes I would like to, but I’m having trouble with my inner ear.  My balance is off, and I don’t like to travel far, alone.  In fact, with the testing of the “highblood”, I must stay put for a while.

My best to the meeting, but all such may be rear guard actions.  We are still in Christendom but have reached its Satanic phase.  We are told, however, that the gates of Hell will not finally prevail.  It may be a long wait.

Sincerely yours,

s/ Andrew Lytle

Andrew Lytle



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