ACC Episcopal Succession from the Anglican Communion

The following bishops who were consecrated in Churches of the Anglican Communion in the days of its orthodoxy have physically participated in consecrations in the ACC:  Albert Arthur Chambers (Episcopal Church); Mark Pae (Taejon, Korea); and John-Charles-Vockler (Australia).

Haydn Jones, sometime Bishop of Venezuela in the Anglican Communion, was co-consecrator in 1990 of Bishop James Pollard Clark and Bishop George Stenhouse, both of whom were consecrated bishops for the Anglican Diocese [later Province] of Christ the King, a sister Church in full communion with the ACC.  Bishop Clark in turn was co-consecrator of Edward Ethan La Cour, who later was received in episcopal orders into the Anglican Catholic Church and thereafter participated in several ACC consecrations.  Therefore Bishop Jones is a fourth Anglican Communion bishop who physically participated in the ACC’s episcopal succession.

Harold Lee Nutter, sometime Archbishop of Fredericton in the Anglican Church of Canada, sent a letter of consent for the consecration in 1990 of Bishop La Cour.

Charles Francis Boynton, sometime Bishop Ordinary of Puerto Rico and Suffragan Bishop of New York, in the Episcopal Church consented to the Denver consecrations in 1978 and later joined the Anglican Catholic Church.

Robert Mercer, C.R., sometime Bishop of Matabeleland (Zimbabwe), served in the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada in various episcopal offices, including at times when that diocese was in full communion with the ACC.  Bishop Mercer, however, did not consecrate any bishops who have had any subsequent involvement in ACC consecrations.  The same is true for ‘Continuing Church’ consecrations by the Rt Rev’d Robert Herbert Mize, sometime bishop of Damaraland, and the Rt Rev’d Anselm Genders, C.R..

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