I found this fun thing years ago in a book by Desmond Morse-Boycott called ‘They Shine Like Stars’.  The English Bishops didn’t get their way….

On the 1928 Proposed English Book of Common Prayer (by Quack-Quack, an Anglo-Catholic)

First Chorus of Wild Men (Evangelicals, etc.)

A put-back-the-clock new Book,

A bring-in-the-Jesuit Book,

A plainly-papistical, grossly-sophistical,

Most anti-scriptural Book.


A turn-us-all-out new Book,

A down-with-the-Gospel Book,

A give in-to-mummery-idols-and-flummery,

Ruin-to-souls new Book.


Second Chorus of Wild Men (Anglo-Catholics)

A bait-on-the-hook new Book,

A thank-you-for-nothing new Book,

A part-sentimental and part-oriental

And a part-made-in-Germany Book.


A pickle-the-rod new Book

A put-us-in-quod new Book,

A no-comprehensiveness, full of offensiveness,

Anti-devotional Book.


Chorus of Bishops

Our noble deposited Book,

Our composite (copyright) Book,

Our most diplomatical, anti-fanatical,

Protestant-Catholic Book.


Our twenty-years’-thought new Book,

Our prayerfully planned new Book,

Our no-change-doctrinal, our quite semi-final,

Our richly enriched new Book.


Our please-be-good-boys new Book,

Our don’t-make-a-noise new Book,

Our why-can’t-you-risk-a-bit, trust-the-Episcopate,

Save-the-Establishment Book.

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